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Your health and dentistry

A quest to save Australian lives

By Dr Richard Johnston

If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, you're not in perfect health and your body is more susceptible to disease.

Periodontitis, or gum disease, compromises the integrity of the tooth-supporting tissues. Inflammation is the body's defence to kill germs. Short-term, it’s beneficial; however, untreated Periodontitis leads to sustained inflammation with deadly effects. The germs causing oral disease can spread, especially if your immune system is weak, potentially resulting in serious infections.

Over 20 years of research has directly linked oral disease with: Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, respiratory diseases, stroke, kidney diseases, Peripheral vascular disease, Dementia, adverse pregnancy outcomes, aspiration pneumonia, stomach ulcers, oral cancers, and obesity.

If you have a family history of these diseases and bleeding gums, you're at greater risk. Seek help if your gums are inflamed or bleed. Your dentist can diagnose and often treat this disease. In some cases, they might refer you to a Specialist Periodontist.

Did you know wearing dentures may shorten life expectancy by 10 years? The natural result of untreated Periodontitis is tooth loss, leading to dentures. Studies show this group lives on average 10 years less than those with a healthy mouth.

Dr. Richard Johnston and the whole clinical team at Beerwah Dental is available to assess your oral health. You may also pick up the Dental Board’s report ‘Links between oral health and general health’. To book, call Beerwah Dental on 07 5494 0766 or visit



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