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To market, to market….

December is a time to enjoy the varied local hinterland markets, and we have a couple of suggestions for the month ahead.


Cooroy is gearing up to host a spectacular Christmas Market at the enchanting Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre on December 8. Organised by the Cooroy Future Group, this festive event promises an evening filled with merriment, live entertainment, and an array of delightful offerings for visitors of all ages.

The Christmas Market stalls will showcase a diverse range of local artisans, crafters, and vendors. From handmade treasures to unique gifts, the market stalls offer an opportunity to find that perfect something for your loved ones.

Explore a variety of delectable options from food trucks that will tantalise your taste buds.

Live music will set the atmosphere, and you can enjoy the Pottery Throwdown, where skilled potters showcase their craft in a live demonstration.

Additionally, an Artisan Store will feature unique handmade creations, providing an opportunity to support local artists and find one-of-a-kind treasures.

Raise a toast to the season at the Pop-Up Bar and enjoy the ‘Eclectica Art Awards' Exhibition at this family-friendly evening, from 4-8pm. Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, 11 Maple St, Cooroy.


Shop local and do your Christmas shopping at the Montville Market on Saturday December 9, 7.30am-midday. You'll find unique handcrafted gifts for everyone at their community market stalls, nestled along Memorial Close under the weeping fig trees.

Francois and Dada will play festive tunes on tuba and accordion, while you deliberate between beaten silver-drop earrings from Clare of 'Sweetpea Silversmithing' or crocheted pineapple earrings from 'Willow's Workshop' or just buy both!

The kids will be selling their handmade goods at the Young Entrepreneurs stall and there are plenty more stalls inside the cool of the historic hall.

Bernard will have his array of freshly baked organic sourdoughs and Kylie will have her freshly crushed basil pesto.

Why not make a date with friends for a delightful pancake breakfast served on our spacious deck, complete with fresh-picked flowers and tea delivered in loose-leaf and tea-cosied glory, but go early as it's very popular! (10% of profits as with every Christmas go to Oxfam.)

Also, this month they welcome Tracy back with a free craft activity of clay critter making - always popular with the kids and fun. It certainly beats the stress of the plaza and helps to support our local creatives and producers in a genuine grass roots community run event.


The Mapleton Country Market has gone from strength to strength in the last few months, bubbling with life and vibrant in the Mapleton School carpark where it is visible and easily accessible. The last general market was November 25, and the team shared with the HT that they will start the 2024 year on February 24, from 8am to noon.

The Mapleton Market convenors, Donna Klease and Paula Wright, would like to thank the Mapleton and District Community Association for their continued support to their community, as well as the valued volunteers and especially to their patrons. Their message for the HT readers is, “May the Christmas season bring only happiness and joy to you all”.

Don’t forget, the Crystal Waters Market and Witta Market are also very popular, with welcoming locals and plenty of great food, unique gifts and good music. So, enjoy exploring our lovely hinterland and find some special pressies this Christmas.



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