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Those Folk

Truly authentic, naturally charismatic, and delightfully entertaining, Lawrence Menard (USA) and Clare Quinn (AUS) are the transpacific troubadours known as Those Folk.

With Lawrence’s Cajun beginnings and Californian upbringing melding with Clare’s grounding in Australian folk music, their musical inspiration is diverse and ever expanding. Their worlds collided on the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland and the pair have been an inseparable duo ever since.

Their intimate stage show is constantly evolving with the introduction of new instruments and dynamic songwriting. Vocal harmonies are featured alongside guitar, accordion, banjo, tenor guitar, harmonicas and percussion.

Their heartfelt lyrics tell tales of travels, love, nostalgia and hope. Their musical talent and compassionate view of life shines through in each and every original composition.

Their genuine stage presence and joyful melodies will have you smiling right from the start and all the way through to the encore!

Clare says, “The culturally rich community of the Sunshine Coast is something we’re proud to be a part of and our hearts are overflowing with all of the good times we’ve had lately!

“We’re honoured to have a part in bringing people together, cultivating community, and feeling and healing through music.

“For our South East Queensland tour we’ll be performing in some of the best venues in the region. We’re going to dive deep into our original songs and the stories behind them, and weave a concert of light and shade."

A partnership forged in the fires of folk music, their songwriting explores love, hope, belonging, and the human condition. Breathtaking vocal harmonies are featured alongside rich instrumental work performed on guitar, piano, accordion, mandolin and banjo.

With a sound inspired by iconic duos such as Simon and Garfunkel, Those Folk make, not just folk music but music for all sorts of folk.

The Those Folk Sunshine Coast tour is presented by local performing arts company Red Chair with the support of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

This initiative was supported through the Creative Industries Investment Program and is jointly funded by ArtsCoast through Sunshine Coast Council’s Art and Heritage Levy and the Regional Arts Development Fund in partnership with Queensland Government.

The duo will be performing in Pomona (February 11), Coolum (February 18), Eudlo (February 19) and Maleny (March 2). For details and tickets visit: (Image by Markus Ziegler.)


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