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Shockwave solution for heel pain

Stepping Out Podiatry in Landsborough is ready to help with your heel pain!

This modern podiatry clinic has a spacious waiting area that is wheelchair/walker-friendly and runs five days a week, with 2-3 podiatrists treating most days. The clinic also has a large space for rehabilitation exercise and gait assessments.

For those suffering from heel pain, the Landsborough clinic offers relief through Shockwave Therapy, and we had a chat with some of the Landsborough team to find out more.

“When you have heel pain you feel terrible. Shoes are uncomfortable, walking is uncomfortable, and you think twice before getting out and about,” said podiatrist Jason Roberts.

“It is important to know that with the right advice you don’t have to live with foot pain.”

So what is Shockwave Therapy?

“Shockwave Therapy helps improve function and movement in your joints and muscles,” explained Jason. “It works by emitting acoustic waves which penetrate the deeper tissue of our body, helps break up scar tissue and improves blood flow to the area.”

Shockwave Therapy essentially works at a cellular level to reduce inflammation, relax the muscles, stimulate bone regeneration, and break the pain cycle.

How does it work for Heel Pain?

“Studies have shown Shockwave stimulates a natural healing response in the tissue around the heel,” said Mia Orford, a fellow member of the Stepping Out Podiatry team.

Microtrauma from the shockwaves results in your body releasing factors necessary for healing of damaged tissue in the plantar fascia and surrounding tendons and muscles of the foot.

“Shockwave Therapy is proven to increase the healing properties of the tissues and decrease the levels of pain within the heel,” added Mia.

What can I expect?

“Initially the treatment will give you an analgesic effect which will decrease your pain,” said Jason, “then because the shockwaves stimulate more blood flow to the heel, your injured tissue around your heel will start to mend itself.”

Now we all know that there is rarely one magical unicorn treatment for any injury, so podiatrists will generally recommend you will need to support your heel by strapping your foot and also wearing protective cushioned footwear.

“Generally after 2-3 treatments most people have made a dramatic improvement in pain and can get back to functioning normally,” said Mia with a smile.

Call Stepping Out Podiatry on 1300 881 082 to make an appointment and visit the team at Landsborough, and Kawana, with their Shockwave machines.

Their website also hosts great blog articles if you want to read more.

“We have a saying at Stepping Out Podiatry,” said Jason. “Our focus is your feet and we love what we do!”



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