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by A. Tablehopper

Kunara Café - 330 Mons Rd, Forest Glen, 4556

I am an ‘average joe’ who enjoys good food, not a food critic by profession, so excuse my lack of fancy terminology! I have not been paid to promote anyone – I am simply sharing my opinion on the hinterland eateries I visit, for their service/ambience and presentation/flavour.

A staple favourite of mine as I travel about the Sunshine Coast, is Kunara Café, inside Kunara Marketplace, so I thought I would head across with a friend and taste their recent wares.

This building with its extremely high vaulted ceiling is home to the biggest fan I have seen in Queensland, keeping customers nice and cool in the summer. It’s spacious and full of gifts and plants, spiling over from the garden nursery outside.

You queue to order, and everything is on display looking colourful, or decadent. Then grab your number and find a table inside or outside. It’s usually quite busy, but I’ve always found a seat.

The food came within about five minutes, and it was well presented, especially mine! By the way, all the dishes are certified organic, and the cafe caters to gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and paleo diets.

My friend chose a spinach and feta roll which had a lovely buttery pastry. The filling wasn’t overpowering, which many people like, but I think my companion felt she should’ve chosen a dish which packed more of a punch. Still, she certainly enjoyed her blueberry and banana smoothie!

I chose the salmon (and rice) slice with caper aioli and coleslaw. It was delicious, and quite filling, with the tangy aioli hitting the spot along with the crunchy homemade coleslaw. You can’t really go wrong with capers and fish, but this slice was so good I was tempted to ask for the recipe.

I felt quite virtuous eating so well, which made me decide that I needed a sweet afterwards, so I opted for the Caribbean lime tart. Creamy, with a hint of citrus, it fondly reminded me of condensed milk, which I used to love as a kid. I should mention there are tons of tempting desserts on display here, from Chocolate Cinnamon Crunch or Vegan Banoffee tarts, to Chocolate Beetroot Cake or Raw Bounty Bars.

The coffees here are also great, so whether you are having a pit-stop or staying for a meal, this is certainly on the list for filling food that makes you feel good!


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Gotta love those Caribbean Lime Tarts! 😋


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