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Off the Shelf

It is on again. The ‘Off the Shelf’ Art Sale. where artists take the opportunity to declutter their studio, all to the benefit of buyers as prices are greatly reduced. The gallery will be full of art, with two rooms to explore. It is not a traditional Art Exhibition, so no need to wait until sale-end to take home the pieces you love.

Head over and view a range of media and styles - watercolour, acrylic, oil, printmaking, collage, charcoal, pastels. There are experimental and decorative pieces, there are canvases, prints, works on paper. Whether you prefer bold or soft, abstract or realism, you will find something you love.

The artists, both established and emerging, are members of the Buderim Craft Cottage, a renowned hub of creativity and popular Sunshine Coast gallery. They are keen to declutter their studios and give you the opportunity to obtain something special for your home, office, or gift. All art is original and unique.

Buderim Craft Cottage, 5 Main Street Buderim, September 22-24 September, 9am to 3pm, daily. (Picture by Sue Needham.)


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