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Montville Remembers

Montville Remembers: World War One 1914 – 1919 is Book 9 in the Montville Stories Series written by Gordon Plowman and Cate Patterson for the Montville History Group.

Montville Remembers tells the stories of 53 young men from Montville who enlisted in World War One and how their community supported and honoured them. It begins with a brief history of this war to provide a context for their service and sacrifice.

Most became seriously ill in the two-month voyage to Europe in overcrowded troop ships, that most endured extreme deprivation, and most were wounded and returned home with serious debility..

The fact that most could go on to lead full and productive lives on their return is a testament to their character and to the community support they received.

The book also gives the history of the Memorial Gate and Pillars, and is available from the Montville Post Office and from the Montville Monthly Market at the MVA stall.


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