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Maple Street Cooperative – Tribe of Quin’s

Run by the community for the community, the Maple Street Co-op in Maleny supports local producers, farmers, suppliers and growers, whose organic, wholesome and ethical products and produce can be found in this homely store. 

This month we highlight ‘Tribe of Quin’s’, a family-owned permaculture micro-farm and artisan market, based in Peachester.

Created by Nick and Shakira the couple explain their mission is to bring “an infusion of our lifestyle with an ethical, holistic and sustainable approach to grow and produce a healthy range of products.”

Nick grew up on an organic farm near Margaret River, has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, and spent time as a stonemason working on high-end projects. While Shakira is a passionate artist with a particular love for oil painting, exhibiting from Brisbane to Milan. She also loves growing herbs and medicinal flowers to create self-care products and teas. 

“We moved to Peachester in 2020, we came across this little part of the Sunshine Coast and fell in love knowing at first sight that this is where we wanted to start the next chapter of our lives. In the country away from the coast but still close enough to access the coast for our family’s needs,” said Shakira.

Their farming processes rely soley on a biodiverse ecosystem for its nutrients, “so no added fertilisers, chemicals or sprays are needed,” said Nick. The results? “Quality, nutrient-dense produce.”

“We both have permaculture in our upbringing and feel strongly about working with the environment that we live in and all it provides for us. We only had a small piece of land to work with and wanted to have a minimal impact,” shared Nick.

“As our operation is small it really didn’t take too long to set up, say six months from first ideas to operation with adjusting and tweaking along the way.”

“On a delivery days we harvest, wash and package then deliver from Peachester to Maleny, from there to Noosa, then along the coast to Caloundra. Other days we seed out and manage crops tied in with family affairs,” explained Shakira.

The ‘Veggie Patch’ includes microgreens and micro vegetables full of essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, such as broccoli, Red Russian kale, snow pea, fenugreek, mixed Italian basil, coriander, purple radish and much more.

“Along with our produce in the Maleny Co-op, we also supply local chefs, restaurants and farmers’ markets,” shared Nick.

“We love the Malpe Street Co-Op,” said Shakira with a smile. “We have been collaborating with the Malpe Street Co-Op community from our beginnings. We deeply appreciate their support along the way.”

The family also supply speciality teas, bath salts, loofah sponges and Aquaponic vegetable gardens, to help others become more self-sufficient.

We love what we do,” said Nick. “We get to enjoy the land and our environment whilst nurturing growth and sharing the benefits of healthy natural products. 

“Being home is not only allowing presence for our children, but also educating our children about the environment, health and life skills. It’s a win-win.”

Visit: or find their produce at the Maple Street Co-op, 37 Maple Street, Maleny.



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