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Food, friendship and February discounts!

Where can you buy locally produced organic fruit, vegetables, herbs, local teas, local honeys, artisan bread, chocolate and coffee, and feel part of a collective of supportive people? The Maple Street Co-op of course! 

By Victoria McGuin

In the heart of Maleny is the heart of Maleny – the Maple Street Co-op - a local, member-owned wholefood (and more) store known for its connection to community. 

I like to pop in and say hello to various folk I know in the store and on a recent visit in late January I was pleasantly surprised to hear they are offering a ‘February Special’ for all member-owners. 

Business Manager Peter Pamment explained to me that this comes in the form of a 10% discount (double the usual member discount) for every day of this month on over 5,000 products (except on some local consignor products) to say ‘thank you’ to all members for all their support. 

“Our member-owners are central to our Co-op,” said Peter, “and we wanted to celebrate them throughout 2024, our 45th year! We know too that February is often a tough month for some people, so the discount aims to soften that for our members” 

The Co-op is known for being fair to staff, members, farmers and suppliers, which may explain why their membership has grown from 950 to 1,550 in the last three years.

“People are increasingly being drawn to being part of a constant part of the community that champions local and ethical produce,” explained Peter.

“The staff are also member-owners, which creates a special connection with the shop. Their knowledge and friendliness is key to the shop’s success, and they enjoy working here!”

So what are the benefits of being part of the Maple Street Co-op? Member Hannah Walters shared her thoughts with me.

“I joined the Co-op four years ago when I moved to Maleny with my partner. He and his family have been Co-op members for many years and their engagement drew me in. 

“Shopping at the Co-op has changed my life for the better. What we do here has real impact, some of which we may never experience. I value that the Co-op’s a considered space that’s working to provide healthy environmental and social outcomes.”


I asked what Hannah would say to someone thinking of becoming a member?


“Don’t think, just do!” she said with a big smile. “As a member you become part owner giving you a voice in the future of the Co-op, as well as a handy 5% discount at the checkout. Perhaps, though, the most beneficial aspect of Co-op membership is the ability to directly participate in and with our local community.

“And I love the focus on sourcing locally whenever possible, employing local people and practicing ethical business.”

Member Joan appeared carrying a large Bunya cone, and happily shared her opinion on the Co-op.

“Becoming a member of the Co-op was one of the first things I did when I moved here. I so appreciate it! 

“I love coming into the Co-op, because I never feel I am being ‘sold to’, and feel confident that whatever is available has thoughtfulness, ethics and provenance included. 

“Community is more important than ever and I’d recommend membership here purely on that basis, although there are many other reasons, including several naturopaths on the team!”

“We always like to welcome new members,” said Peter. “It’s a great feeling to give them a share certificate, and watch them enjoy becoming a part of this iconic store, with all the benefits that come with it.”

To join, just pop into the Co-op at 37 Maple Street and have a chat with one of the team-members. To renew your Co-op membership online, go to


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