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Eye of the beholder

Jessica Ainsworth is from a long lineage of visual artists, and has lived a life both varied and at times unusual, from being a farmer to a street performer, from an artisan of high quality leather goods to a facilitator of Ka Huna massage. The uniqueness of Jessicas’ art is its use of colour, texture and often hidden meanings or metaphor.

Her art is mainly figurative as it is the observation of people and their stories that fascinate her. In the Eye of the Beholder is the name and theme of Jessica’s next exhibition and promises to be well worth a visit.

"We all choose to see the world a certain way, adding colours and textures that vary from one person to the another depending on our life experiences, environments and inherited family histories.

As the name suggests, the judgement of what is beautiful is purely subjective, and so with this in mind, I have attempted to convey what one person may find beautiful and another may not.”

The Zone Gallery, 89 McCarthy Rd. Maleny, June 24-28.


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