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These boots are made for walking

Angeline Dunne has been a Nambour business owner with her husband for almost two decades, but she had a story that needed to be told - and it’s now in book form!

by Rebecca Mugridge

“Don’t die with a story in you.”

Angeline and her husband are beloved local butcher shop owners, and owner of Nambour Heights Gifts and Christmas shop. But Angeline, also a mother of three, is now an author, with her first book published.

“For 20 years I’ve been wanting to write. It just had to come out, it’s my time,” Angeline says warmly.

Angeline recently launched her debut book at the Nambour Crushers Rugby League Club in Nambour, to an eager crowd of already established followers and with a fantastic public display of her boot collection. 

“I have a massive collection of cowboy boots,“ Angeline says. 

“I really only started the collection a couple of years ago too, as I’ve always loved cowboy boots but I’ve always been a bit self-conscious, a bit introverted. 

“I’ve always worried about what other people think, so I was always thinking, “Oh, I can’t do that but now I’m saying, I can so do that. And I do! Who cares what anyone else thinks. I love cowboy boots,” Angeline proudly confesses with a smile.

For Angeline the boots are symbolic and that’s why boots play such a large part in her character’s story. 

“Boots. They are giving my feet the biggest hug, they keep me firmly planted on the ground. They give me confidence, they give me strength, they give me security. They give me attitude. 

“There is something about putting your boots on. From the minute my feet hit the floor each morning they are searching for which pair they are going to wear. And I wear them every day I am in my shop,” Angeline says.

“When I have my boots on I feel like I could rope the moon, you know. I feel like I could do anything.”

Angeline has ‘cowboy’ within her.

“My father was a cowboy. I was 12 months old when he was killed,” Angeline says, adding that the cowboy boots give her a connection to her father. 

“My love of boots inspired me to give my character, Clancy, the vehicle of different pairs of boots to tell her story. Each new chapter is a new pair of boots with a different story to tell.

“It’s not about me but it’s definitely influenced by my boots,” she admits.

“I often wondered [for example] my dad’s boots. What happened to them? What stories would they tell? Boots can have stories of the people who love and wear them. 

“Each pair of boots I own means something completely different.”

And now Angeline has unearthed her writing talent, there will be more books to come!

“I am proud to be celebrating my first published book at 46. From here,I am just going to keep writing.”

“My next book is about an old decrepit church, with a back story set in the 1900s and also set in the present day.”

Like many writers, Angeline says she has always been an avid reader.

“I am a huge reader; I have piles of books beside my bed. I love reading a bit of detective, romance, some country, inspirational books… I often have an inspirational book and a fiction romance on the go at the same time.

“What I like about stories is you can go anywhere, be anything you want to be and you can create anything and anywhere the imagination wants. I really love that.

“For my character, Clancy, that is how she survived her childhood, through imaginary places. It’s inspirational, it’s raw, it’s empowering, and I’m hoping it can be a story that inspires other people.”

Clancy tells what she did to survive her childhood. How she used her boots instead of drugs and alcohol to cope.

To others who have always wanted to pursue a dream, a career change, a passion, Angeline says don’t waste time waiting for the perfect moment, just do it.

“I think if you’ve got a dream, you’ve really got to chase it. Chase it now. You’ve just got to go do it. We only live one life, you’ve got nothing to lose, so at least try.

“Don’t die with a story still inside you.”

You can currently buy autographed copies of These Boots direct from Angeline at her beautiful store, Burn Candles and Gifts at the Nambour Heights shopping centre. And find out more about her at



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