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The Travellers Exhibition

Tina Cooper, a local glass blower and sculptor, feels she has created her finest work ever in this series, The Travellers Exhibition.

“It has taken much time and adding new skills to create this work and you can see the results,” Tina shared. “After 34 years in hot glass, I feel these are my creative Avatars, that help me to imagine creating from a feeling-thought process from past and present experiences.

“Even tapping into ancient goddesses to Greek gods from the heavens!”

One of the series, Tribal Goddesses, was inspired by watching the Matildas playing football!

Tina said, “It provoked the feeling of finding that magic power that we discover in experiencing adversity or extreme situations. As a team player, I totally get that you become one and create synergy together.”

Tina has been gathering feathers from walks and glass beads from different artists from Australia and Tassie.She uses Pandanus leaves woven by an Indigenous woman that she has hand painted and sealed to add to the texture and meaning of each piece.

Recreated deer horns and porcupine quills in glass by Wolfgang Engel are added to a high ranking Goddess. “The meaning behind using the quills or feathers is that, after finding a deceased animal or bird, I can save a part of their physical being, so their soul can live on through these goddesses,” said Tina.

“The feather headdress has a major influence on the energy of each piece. Some even have colour codes on their breast shields in glass mosaics, under guidance from Tina’s father who is a colour and energy therapist, who has travelled the World teaching his knowledge.

Wolfgang Engel, Montville’s local torch blower originally from Germany, has created a new series, Kobolds, around a mystic creature from the forests and mountains of northern Europe.

They have many names and very few people have ever seen one. The German name for them is “Kobold” If we are nice to them, they can become visible and make us laugh and feel happy.

Now there is a whole bunch of these funny characters at the Gallery and they are very excited to find a new home with interesting and lovely people.

The Travellers Exhibition runs until February 29, 2024, by appointment only, at Tina Cooper Art & Glass Gallery, Montville Hinterland. Visit: or phone 0417194329.


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