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The Shake-speare Project

There are many questions about the works of William Shakespeare which have puzzled scholars through the ages, and in this new play by Maleny playwright, Andrew Robjohns, many answers are proposed.

Why and how were so many Shakespeare plays written in the 1590s? Why were the plays published posthumously, and so long after the man's death? Why did Ben Jonson both praise Shakespeare and diminish him? Who was the 'Dark Lady' that Shakespeare described in his sonnets? Why did the plays lack religious theology and a lot of the politics of the era? Why do so many of the plays feature cross-dressing characters and questions about gender? Why was nothing written about his death in 1616?

The answers to these questions, and many more will be found in this new production at The Maleny Playhouse which opens on Saturday October 21.

Felicity Cunningham is a young woman who has been studying Shakespeare for all her adult life. Felicity is dying, and she knows it. Before she goes she has one objective; to add something useful to all the research and analysis that has been done on the life of William Shakespeare. She may be hallucinating, but she meets an apparition who claims to have all the answers.

This play is a magical romp through the history of Elizabethan England. It is not as absurdly silly as Blackadder, but there are some light moments that make this a very enjoyable discussion of the personalities of the time and the intrigues which may have led to the creation of "The Shake-speare" project. To book, visit:



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