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The real cost of contesting a will

We all know families that hold animosity and grudges from an unfairness in the past. 

Contesting wills is all too common in Australia. Generational family breakdown can be one of the greatest costs of contested wills. Family relationships, blended families, migrations, and changing societal values all play in the decisions we each make when determining the dispersal of assets. 

Wills can be an effective family planning tool, not about the beginning of life, but rather about the end of life. 

TULE, Tying up Loose Ends, is a community outreach to support people to make effective End of Life Decisions. We encourage people to fully live their lives knowing that when we die, the assets and family relationships we value will continue to support those we care about.

Deborah Moseley (pictured) has been working in the community for many years to bring skills that will minimise conflict. Now, she will help us to use these skills in the difficult conversations we all need to have around our wishes when we each face a critical change in our capacities and finally die.

It’s time for heart-to-heart communication that will leave all our relationships enriched.

Come and be involved in how an awkward conversation might play out, one that may help avoid mitigation and possible litigation after the fact.

The Maleny Playhouse at the Showground, Maleny, May 19 from 2-4pm, the cost is $10 (pay at entry) which includes afternoon tea, and a cash bar. For more information call Fleur at 0409 470 822. (Visit:


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