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The Electric Apes

The Crystal Waters Music Club presents the Electric Apes! Hailing from the vibrant world of genre-defying soundscapes, Electric Apes is an experimental trio that has been enchanting audiences with their eclectic fusion of psychedelic dance, Afro-funk rhythms, and uninhibited creative exploration.

This is a multi-talented line up featuring impassioned vocals, mesmerizing saxophone, hypnotic keys, dynamic drums, and innovative live looping. The band, featuring Hayden Hack (guitar, vocals), Mark Grey (keys), and Lee Hardisty (multi-instrumentalist), is pushing boundaries and transcending musical norms.

The stars will be bright, the fires blazing. Head to the Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, on the Deck, Kilcoy Lane, Conondale. Saturday June 24, 5pm start for$20. Bar and yummy meals available.

(Accommodation available at CW Eco Park, bookings


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