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Spring is coming, and a timely reminder

Did you know that people often forget to check for skin cancer or go for skin checks during winter?

With spring upon us, many people are now due their skin checks and are looking for reliable, high quality skin cancer doctors. If you or your loved ones are searching, go no further than SunLife, a modern, locally owned Skin Cancer Care Centre conveniently located in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

What's new for spring?

Dr Bronnie Hautala has been practicing with SunLife for over two months and is already a favorite with the patients. She is an experienced skin cancer doctor who loves providing thorough skin checks, prompt treatment, and clear explanations to her patients

SunLife’s new 3D Total Body Photography (TBP) machine is running extremely well, providing reflection-free images of the skin with extremely accurate tracking capabilities.

3D TBP is a great extra tool to improve the early detection of melanoma and reduce avoidable biopsies.

If you think that you are at high risk of melanoma and this imaging could help, get in touch with them for more information.

Time for a reminder:

Skin cancer happens all year round! Please remember to look at your skin for anything sore, changing, abnormal, or new. Get booked in for a skin check if you’re due, overdue, or spot something of concern.

Did you know, many people like to get their skin checked now before the busy summer period gets in full swing? There is often more availability now, making it easier to book.

SunLife is dedicated solely to skin cancer, and Dr Simon Hardy is an accredited skin cancer doctor who has been caring for sun damaged skin in Australia for 9 years.

Bookings can be made online at their modern, purpose-made facilities on Wises Road, Buderim/Maroochydore. No referral needed.



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