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Singer Chloe shares her secret

Local singer songwriter Chloe Tsangaris is very excited to share her newest single, Secret, with the hinterland community. The 20-year-old Beerwah musician’s hope is that her music touches and moves people, as she believes “music is the most powerful vessel for emotion.”

Growing up, Chloe says she had “a very normal childhood, with the exception of the many orphaned koala joeys being raised in our house.”

One koala in particular would lean out of the nursery room she was being raised in whenever Chloe was singing nearby and only go back to eating her leaf when Chloe had finished.

In Year 3, Chloe joined the junior choir at Glasshouse Christian College. On the school’s open day her parents were shocked to find out that she could sing, they had no idea. However, it wasn’t until Year 8 at Meridan State College that she developed her love of performing.

When her music teacher discovered she could sing, he gave Chloe the opportunity to perform at the school’s annual ‘Live on Stage’ concert.

“In a whirlwind two weeks, I rehearsed and performed Gravity by Sara Bareilles with the teachers’ band,” shares Chloe, “and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

Chloe would go on to perform at this event each schooling year. The music department at Meridan not only ignited this love of performing as an artist, but also sparked a passion for writing.

Writing and releasing Secret was no small feat for Chloe as she has been navigating through personal loss with the closeness of family by her side. She has been able to use this song as a way to overcome grief, and hopefully inspire others through her music, something she is very proud of.

Chloe’s captivating and pure voice expresses the flood of emotions in both the writing and performance of Secret. She recorded both vocals and piano locally at Glasshouse Studios.

“I am honoured to have worked with UK-based producer, musical director and musician Steve Turner, for the string section of my song,” says Chloe, “and I was quite surprised that he wanted to work with me since he has worked with some big names.

“Steve has toured four times with Kylie Minogue and performed with Jay-Z and Beyonce.”

In Steve’s words to Chloe about Secret “A stunning song, Chloe. And your vocals… wow!”

Chloe would love the local community to get behind her and support her music journey. “I cannot wait to get out and do more gigs in the coming year,” she says with a smile.

Secret can be found on all music streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes.