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Rainbow Email Celebration

In the twelve months since launching its dedicated email channel for LGBTQIA+ participants and carers, Carers Queensland has seen an increase in people from those communities being able to access NDIS, community support and services.

The Rainbow responders receive a variety of requests over the working week, with many enquiries about accessing the NDIS or finding community supports in their area. Each request is handled by a dedicated Rainbow responder who provides information and linkages.

“We're able to provide the Rainbow responder service because Carers Queensland is a Rainbow Tick accredited organisation,” said Carers Queensland Regional Manager,

Rebecca Binyon, who helped guide the rollout of the service.

“We have a culture of inclusion, of respecting people, of valuing diversity. In fact, 14% of our workforce are LGBTQIA+, that's higher than the population base!” Rebecca said.

Carers Queensland is committed to removing the stigma of people not feeling accepted in society.

“There’s a history of LGBTQIA+ people not being accepted for who they are, often being challenged based on their sexuality or their gender identity.

“So, people avoid making contact with services and supports that they can really benefit from,” Rebecca shared.

“We link people to an LGBTQIA+ team member and if they've specified that they would like someone with a particular identity, we really do our best to make that connection. I can't recall a time when we haven't been able to do that,” Rebecca said.

“I had an advocate from North Queensland contact us, which is an area outside of our catchment, but they had a young person visiting family who was struggling with getting the supports they needed around their identity, as well as their disability, from their family at home in Brisbane.

“They saw the Rainbow email and they reached out to us, and I spoke to them personally.

“As a result, we were able to help the young person to understand that they could connect with us more safely, be respected for who they are, and discuss their support needs with us when they returned to Brisbane.”

Rebecca said they remain up-to-date with community expectations to ensure their services are met in a culturally sensitive way that is a safe place for people to ask questions.

“We're looking at how we can better skill or continue to improve the skills of our Rainbow responders. We're seeing some really good outreach and collaboration work that's come from both the Rainbow responders and the LGBTQIA+ engagement officer that we've been able to employ,” Rebecca said.

“The Rainbow responders have made significant differences for young people, and that's what we want. We just want LGBTQIA+ people with disability to know it’s safe to get in contact and that we can help connect you to support,” Rebecca said.

With IDAHOBIT (May 17) coming up, Carers Queensland encourages others to reach out and connect with its team.

Visit for more information or call 1300 999636


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