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New skin cancer imaging benefiting patients

The Sunshine Coast has been dubbed the “Melanoma Capital” of Queensland. So it’s not surprising there have been 4,700 melanoma related hospital admissions on the Sunshine Coast in the last five years alone.

The good news is that the melanoma problem is attracting new facilities and the latest technology for early melanoma detection.

The team at SunLife Skin Cancer Care Centre have installed 3D Total Body Photography (TBP) in their new clinic. It is the first time this advanced monitoring system is available directly to the public in Southeast Queensland.

Dr Simon Hardy is a founding partner at SunLife and an accredited skin cancer doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia.

“Early identification of skin cancer is so important, especially in melanoma where early cancers can be difficult to see, and late diagnosis can mean a cancer that has spread,” said Dr Hardy.

“At SunLife, we believe in providing the best possible care for every patient. That’s why we have brought 3D TBP to our care centre.”

The 3D TBP machine uses 92 camaras to create an ultra-high definition 3D avatar. High magnification images of irregular or complex moles are then mapped to the avatar.

Repeat imaging allows new and old images to be compared to identify change, an important clue to early melanoma.

“This technology is really helping people with high melanoma risk to monitor their skin for change in a way that they couldn’t before,” said Dr Hardy.

“People can now book with us directly for a skin check and 3D Total Body Photography. It is an option for people with many moles, irregular moles (especially in hard to see places), or significant personal or family history of melanoma.

“If you’re not in these groups, or choose not to have photography, we still provide thorough skin checks and care,” Dr Hardy added.

“Also, don’t forget to check your own skin for new and changing spots every month or two. Get booked in if you have any concerns.”

SunLife is dedicated solely to skin cancer. Call for information and bookings for 3D TBP, or book your skin check online. Their modern, purpose-made facilities are on Wise Road, Buderim/Maroochydore. No referral needed.



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