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MARKETS - Montville Market

Something for everyone!

On the second Saturday morning of every month the Montville Village Hall and surrounding heritage precinct come to life with the Montville Growers and Makers Market, offering an abundance of locally-grown produce and unique handcrafted wares.  

Beneath the historic memorial fig trees and within the Montville Village Hall, there is something to delight and captivate everyone. Fill your basket with fresh produce, sourdough bread and fresh flowers. Take a moment to savour a scrumptious pastry and coffee while you listen to live music.  

If you are seeking inspiration for your garden, revitalise it with herb and veggies seedlings from Sophie or find interesting local plants from Barung Landcare that provide habitat and food for local wildlife.  

Montville’s artisan tradition thrives with exquisite pottery, handcrafted jewellery, soap, and charming handmade dolls, perfect for gifts.  

On the eastern side of the Hall, the winter sun casts its morning rays on the cosy deck of the Montville Village Hall. Gather around the long tables decorated with vintage tablecloths and vases of fresh local flowers and catch up with friends and family over delicious home-style pancakes, lovingly prepared and served by our local community volunteers, from 7.30am to 10.30am.  

Tea enthusiasts can indulge in a pot of loose-leaf tea, served with tea-cosy and china cups. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, children of all ages can have fun with the drawing materials, or you can knit a row or two for the blankets for the homeless project.  

Each month between 25 and 30 volunteers give their time and attention to making the Montville Growers and Makers Market a delightful community event. The funds raised from the Market helps to maintain the historic Montville Village Hall and ensures that it stays the centre of community life for future generations. 

The collective efforts of volunteers creates a wonderful atmosphere, brightening everyone’s day, meeting neighbours, and making new friends. It is a wonderful place to reset, recharge and bring community together. 

The Montville Market team look forward to welcoming you on Saturday June 8, 7.30am – 12noon.



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