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Let’s Talk Business – Saltair Modular

This month we caught up with Steve Bridger, Managing Director of Saltair Modular, the multi-award-winning innovator in modular home design and building.

1.Who created Saltair Modular and what was the impetus behind it?

Saltair Modular was founded in 2013 by a local builder. The impetus behind it was a shared vision of revolutionizing the home-building industry by providing innovative, high-quality modular homes that cater to the unique needs and preferences of our clients. I’ve had the pleasure of running Saltair Modular since 2019 and am proud of the continued success and constant growth that has followed.

2. What made you choose to base your business in the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and a thriving community, making it an ideal location for our operations. The network of local suppliers and contractors enables us to source everything we need locally, on a competitive basis. The coastal lifestyle also aligns with our values, and being based here allows us to draw inspiration from the stunning surroundings while providing our clients with homes that embrace the essence of coastal living.

3.  What does a 'typical' day entail for you/the team?

A typical day involves a dynamic mix of overseeing operations, collaborating with the design and construction teams, engaging with clients, and staying abreast of industry trends. 

4.  What is the most useful advice you could give someone when designing a home?

The most useful advice would be to blend the home with its natural surroundings. Natural light, orientation, and ventilation are key sustainability measures that then need to be married to the site, taking into account slope, setbacks, and other requirements. We like to prioritize functionality, efficiency, and personal expression. Understanding your lifestyle and incorporating innovative design elements can result in a home that not only looks great but enhances your overall living experience.


5.  You are the most awarded modular builder in Australia - what do you think sets you apart?

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meticulous craftsmanship sets us apart. We prioritize quality at every stage, from design to construction, resulting in homes that exceed expectations. The recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. At the core of our values is ‘to treat the customer as we would like to be treated ourselves’, and when the team honestly lives by this value it makes it a rewarding experience for all.

6. What do you and the team like to do in your spare time?

Enjoy the Sunshine Coast lifestyle of course! Enjoying the beaches or exploring the hinterland.

7. Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you?

‘Always make your big decisions in the clear light of day.’

Saltair Modular, 41 Quanda Road, Coolum Beach, 4573. Phone: 07 5446 2113 /



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