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LET’S TALK BUSINESS - Finding home in the Hinterland

This month, our Let’s Talk Business profile catches up with Melissa Chaddock, one of the close-knit team of property experts for RE/MAX Hinterland, who deliver consistently outstanding results across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Melissa has been a hinterland local for almost 20 years, and shares her story of what brought her to call this place home.

By Victoria McGuin

Born and raised in Brisbane, Melissa Chaddock's path diverged early on, “From the tender age of eight, my life changed forever as my family uprooted to Papua New Guinea. Brisbane welcomed me back briefly for boarding school, but the wanderlust had already set in.”

At 21, Melissa couldn't resist the allure of the unknown, setting off for the United Kingdom in pursuit of new experiences and horizons. Eighteen years abroad passed in a whirlwind of exploration across various industries and countries.

Yet, the call of Australia grew stronger with time, Melissa recalls, “Australia beckoned me home. But this time, it wasn't to the city lights, instead my heart led me to the Hinterland, where my husband and I and our then two-year-old found our little slice of paradise.

“Settling here feels like the ultimate adventure, one where we've finally found our forever home amidst the beauty of the area.”

Melissa has an Environmental Studies degree and used to work for local government and English Nature before joining RE/MAX Hinterland in 2017, which marked a turning point in her career. Having navigated the sales management scene across diverse sectors and nations, Melissa found her stride in real estate.

“Landing here? It's like finding the missing puzzle piece to my career, where every day brings new challenges and the satisfaction of helping people find their own perfect home in the hinterland,” she shares.

What sets RE/MAX Hinterland apart, according to Melissa, is its simplicity and authenticity. “As a global brand but local real estate firm with deep roots in the community, we specialise solely in sales, allowing us to focus entirely on what we do best,” she explains.

“It's not about flashy marketing or aggressive tactics; it's about genuine care for our clients and our community. That's what makes us different—and, we hope, valued—in the eyes of our customers.”

In her role, Melissa's days are anything but typical. “Every day brings its own unique blend of surprises and challenges,” she remarks, “and that's what keeps things exciting!”

Yet, amidst the unpredictability, Melissa finds joy in exploring remarkable hinterland properties and connecting with wonderful people.

Offering advice to property buyers, Melissa emphasises strategic positioning and preparedness. “By taking proactive steps and staying informed, you'll increase your chances of securing your dream home amidst the competitive real estate landscape,” she shares.

I ask what Melissa likes the most about the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland area, her response is immediate.

“The unparalleled beauty and sense of community,” she smiles. “The sheer diversity of spots for leisurely strolls and refreshing swims, the people are warm and friendly, there is a huge variety of culinary delights, and those remarkable views across the Range have a magical way of soothing my soul.”

In her spare time, Melissa admits you will often find her “slaving away in the garden”, relishing the satisfaction of growing her own food.

“There's something incredibly satisfying about harvesting fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs for the next meal or turning them into some delicious preserves,” she shares.

“When I'm not in the garden, a leisurely dog walk along the beach and a bit of a relax on the sand is a great day off. There's just something about the salty breeze and a dip in the ocean that rejuvenates me completely. 


“And of course, I have a deep passion for overseas travel. Exploring new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes is an irresistible drawcard for me, fuelling my sense of adventure and wanderlust.”


Melissa finds inspiration in a quote from Hedy Lamarr: Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees - an ethos that guides her as she continues to embrace the adventure of life on the Sunshine Coast and her hinterland home.



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