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Join the team and make a difference

Are you looking for an opportunity to work in a role that is both fulfilling and will help your local community? Local non-profit community care provider, RangeCare, is looking for dedicated and compassionate individuals to join their team.

Like many other organisations, RangeCare has been challenged by the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Industry-wide mandates resulted in a significant loss of staff and volunteers. That, paired with the extreme weather events and waves of COVID-19 and other viruses throughout the year, put a significant strain on the organisations ability to meet service demand.

Despite these challenges RangeCare has continued to provide their suite of services to the local community with minimal interruption to clients, which is a testament to the commitment of the RangeCare team.

“We helped many people survive the pandemic and we are now continuing to do our best, despite the challenges.” said Executive Director, Greg Mannion. “Our people are incredible and are driven by one thing - making a difference to our clients.”

With restrictions now easing, RangeCare is looking to increase their service offerings by expanding their team across the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, Gympie and Cooloola Coast regions. The organisation is currently recruiting for Care Support Workers and Domestic Assistants.

“Our recruitment and our retention of the great staff that we have is crucial right now,” said Chief Operating Officer, Gary Holland.

“I'm proud to be part of the organisation because of the people that I work with — from our staff to the volunteers, including the board, they allow us to deliver a person-centred care approach, which most people would agree is above and beyond what maybe other organisations are currently offering.”

If you are interested in joining the RangeCare team and making a difference in your local community, give them a call 07 5445 7044 or visit



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