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Hidden Gallery

Sandy Van Herberghen has been painting, drawing and creating since she could hold a pencil. She brings a lifetime of creative experience, love of colour and pattern, as well as a deeper spiritual connection into her artworks.

Having travelled extensively and lived in countries rich in spirituality, symbolism and culture, she infuses her works with the many and varied aspects of these cultures that have formed a ‘library’ of memories and images upon which Sandy draws inspiration.

Sandy believes a painting can be much more than something matching your décor! A painting can be healing, inspiring, uplifting, relaxing… It can ignite something in you... even affect your mood; how you are feeling.

Sandy’s artworks are infused with positive intentions, love and passion. She will use essential oils, Bach flower remedies, symbolism and sacred geometry, and anything else that works to enrich these pieces. She will only paint when she is in a positive mindset, and will ‘cleanse’ the space before activating the canvas with written words.

Sandy will be having a solo exhibition at Hidden Gallery, 38 Platypus Road, Dulong, opening on April 22 from 11am until 3pm. Hours: Thurs, Fri, Sat 11 until 3pm or by appointment.



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