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Funkatu Collective

Louey Howell and the Funkatu Collective will be travelling up from Bellingen Valley to spread their funk and good vibes and to promote the launch of their debut single Funky Bus

Funky Bus is a song about letting go of our inhibitions and having a good time. When people let go of their inhibitions their uniqueness shines and that is what makes us all beautiful, our individuality, our character, our inner freak. Funkatu want to see you set it free and shine! 

This first official release by Bellingen Valley band Funkatu has a tight rocking vibe. They are touring this single until the wheels fall off.

Funkatu is an original psychedelic, bush funk band who combine an eclectic fusion of reggae, soul, ska and hip-hop into a delightfully delicious explosion of funky goodness guaranteed to get your booty shakin’!

Featuring the unmistakable Aussie songwriting of lyricist Louey Howell on drums and didgeridoo, Dan McCoscka on the funky bass, Hannah Harlen on sweet vocals and electric guitar and Ahva dub on synths and jazz bansuri, this is a great live act. 

The Funkatu Collective will be playing at Maleny Lane on April 5 and The Precynct in Nambour on April 6, and the amazingly talented Hayden Hack will be doing support at The Precynct. Tickets via



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