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Electric Car Art Union Supports Barung Landcare and the Local Environment

Nestled in the heart of Maleny, a remarkable initiative is taking shape. An electric car Art Union promises not just the chance to win a sleek, fully electric MG car worth $50,000, but also the opportunity to drive change in the local environment.

For over 30 years, Barung Landcare has been dedicated to working with the community to look after the local environment across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

With over 2.5 million native plants supplied to local revegetation projects, a wonderfully diverse education program, and an environmental services team that employs many local people, Barung Landcare has been making waves of change in preserving and regenerating local ecosystems.

As the organisation has grown in projects, support and membership, Barung Landcare has sought a new home to enable its expanded impact. And now, thanks to the generous support of community donations, they've achieved a significant milestone – building and relocating to a new nursery within the Maleny Community Precinct.

This new facility, now open to the public, provides a vital resource for nurturing native plants and promoting sustainable practices.

A beautiful native Garden for Wildlife provides a living example of what people can create around their own homes, and the new nursery, which has been sustainably built, provides a great selection of local native plants, many growing in the demonstration garden. It’s worth a visit just to be inspired!

Raising funds for a greener tomorrow

The Electric Car Art Union represents another stepping stone towards Barung Landcare's strong ambition in constructing the Barung Landcare Nature Centre. This expansion will transform the organisation's headquarters into a bustling hub of environmental education and community engagement.

At this dynamic centre, educational events, workshops, and member gatherings will take root. It will serve as a wellspring of knowledge and resources for those passionate about preserving the local environment.

As a local meeting point for the environmentally conscious, the Barung Nature Centre will provide a platform for the community to collaborate, learn, and drive real change in their surroundings.

For just $15 a ticket, you can not only participate in the Electric Car Art Union but also play a vital role in safeguarding the local environment.

With only 10,000 tickets to be sold, the Art Union will be drawn on December 23 2023, tickets can be purchased by scanning the QR code or visiting:

The new Barung Landcare Maleny Community Nursery is located on Parklands Drive, via Porters Lane, North Maleny, and is open Wednesday – Friday 9am – 3pm, Saturday 9am – 3pm.

For more information about Barung Landcare visit


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