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CREATIVE CUTS - Spectacular Mikado will delight

For any Maleny Singers production, costumes form a big part of the visual delights for the audience. So when a comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, The Mikado, was chosen as this year’s show, sourcing genuine Japanese kimonos was a priority, as these spectacular Mikado costumes carry Japanese dance tradition.

In far away Oda, a tiny town in the prefecture of Shimane, lives Mrs Masako Arito, an 81-year-old lady who has a lifelong study of Nihon-buyo, the art of Japanese classical dance.

Having heard from her daughter in Australia of the performance, she decided to gather as many kimonos as possible, and spread the word to her dance group, and other dance teachers in the area.

With amazing generosity, over 50 kimonos, belts and accessories emerged from both personal collections and performance wardrobes, and were shipped to Australia. Some of these kimonos have been worn on the big stage in Japan, and some are personal treasures, now being shared with the citizens of Maleny.

The costumes are truly special, and will delight anyone who sees the show.

The Mikado will be performed at the Maleny Community Centre on June 8, 9, 15 and 16, tickets from



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