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CREATIVE CUTS - Short plays at the Playhouse

Two local hinterland playwrights, Sharon Hirt and Jill Morris, have their short plays accepted for the Dalby Drama Festival on July 13 and 14, and they are presenting preview fundraising performances with finger food dinner and music on Friday, July 5, 6-8pm, in the Playhouse, Maleny Showgrounds, tickets $25 at

Sharon's play tackles other modern issues of childhood anxiety and domestic abuse. I Loved Him… DEAD, a two-hand mystery acted by Sharon and Ross Hurwood, is about addiction to anger and the power of emotion. Sweetpea, an affecting piece performed by Shelley Love, sparks a childhood memory too cruel to forget. 

Jill’s play, The Widows, is about the current housing shortage with a local application. Patricia Lovell, who is the subject of an HT feature story by Judy Fredriksen this month, is playing local Maleny widow, StephanieThere is also ironic comedy in the way five women settle in together in a group housing situation, each showing her own strengths. 

Forced into major housing change by one of the legal traps of widowhood, Amelia considers her ‘lot’, as do Stephanie, Josephine, Charlie and Cecily.



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