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CREATIVE CUTS - Outspoken with Hugh Mackay

Outspoken presents Hugh Mackay (pictured) in conversation on June 14, at the Maleny Community Centre, from 6.30pm.

In his self-described ‘final book’, The Way We Are, Hugh Mackay - long recognised as Australia’s leading social psychologist - presents a compelling portrait of the country as it stands today.

Hugh argues that we have entered a critical period in our social evolution. Identifying the unfinished march towards gender equality, and the concurrent persistence of misogyny; the anti-social consequences of social media, the impacts of information overload; the decline in religious faith and the things we look towards as a substitute. 

He shares his own perspective on the steps we need to take to contribute to the healing of our wounded society.

The evening will commence with an interview with the author of Everything is Water, Simon Cleary, who considers our complex relationship with nature through flood, drought, time and place.  Bookings essential:



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