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COMMUNITY NEWS - The Montville Monts

If you head to Russell Family Park and the main street of Montville, you may just encounter a ‘Mont’, a public art piece made by local artist Finn Cossar.


But what exactly is a Mont? The term "Mont" finds its origins in the acronym Mobile – Organism – Navigating – Terrain, symbolising a mushroom species that has undergone a remarkable evolutionary journey. 


Vulnerable to the creatures hungry for an easy meal, the Monts needed to adapt for survival by sprouting finger-like appendages and flexible joints, allowing for a fast getaway from the hungry predators. 


If you encounter a Mont during a visit to Montville, be sure to offer it a friendly pat and capture the moment with a snapshot. Follow Caloundra Regional Gallery on Facebook and Instagram and share your marvellous Mont encounters using #MontsOfMontville

You can also follow artist Finn Cossar too and perhaps show some appreciation and tag him too.



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