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COMMUNITY NEWS - Electrify everything!

In January 2020 Mark’s car was damaged by golf ball-sized hail stones, and he had to buy a new car. Mark chose a Tesla and installed household solar to charge the car.

Next came replacing his gas heater with split system air conditioning; gas stove with an induction cooktop, and gas hot water with a heat pump hot water system. Immediately, he began to see significant savings on his energy bills.

Mark added a battery to his home to store energy generated during the day from the solar panels and to sell it back to the grid.

Mark has been net carbon zero for the last two years, and as Deputy Chair for Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) Inc. he talks to community groups about how to save money and do their bit for climate change through electrification.

To learn more, and meet with technicians, come along to ZEN’s EV and Electrify Everything Expo on Sunday June 16, in Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction from 9am to 1pm.



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