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COMMUNITY NEWS - Celebrating 35 years

The Sunshine Coast Friendship Force recently celebrated its 35th Anniversary - Sharing Hearts and Homes. This is a proud achievement for a vibrant and energetic group which enjoys visiting and hosting people of different cultures. 

The club was formed in March 1989 to organise the first Inbound Exchange by 27 members from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Since then, the club has continued to travel to many of the 300 clubs across the world and to welcome international members.

During the strictest COVID-19 restrictions, the important connectivity and communication of members was maintained using Zoom for meetings and social gatherings. Creative video communication strategies, a culture of genuine friendship, and the willingness of members to get involved in new ventures were the pillars of stability for the club when many other clubs across Australia and the world were folding due to the pandemic.

The club celebrated its anniversary over two days. A special general meeting included a trip down memory lane and a slideshow for six long-term members who have been in the club for over 22 years.

The following day, there was a celebratory lunch which members and past members attended as well as representatives from the Brisbane and North Moreton Friendship Force clubs. It was a colourful gathering as members wore the colours of jade and coral which represent a 35th anniversary. 

If anyone would like further information about the club, please contact one of the membership officers – Jenny 0448 866 1441 or Gillian 0402 415 198 or email



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