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Become a fan of FAN

by Victoria McGuin

Are you a food lover? Do you like to know where your produce comes from? Do you prefer to support local suppliers and farmers? Are you part of the food industry and would appreciate support, promotion and networking opportunities?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then look no further than the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) is the not-for-profit food industry cluster. FAN supports collaboration and innovation, drives trade locally and globally, and consistently aims to grow the food industry.

Their ‘Meet the Makers’ Industry Trade Show is coming up in May, and is, according to FAN Membership Coordinator Anna Carrick, “the largest annual independent food and beverage trade show in South East Queensland that connects FAN members with an array of commercial connections.

“And we also have the Meet the Buyers Trade Show Support Program alongside this, as we aim to always find collaborative opportunities for everyone involved.”

Established in 2015, today FAN has more than 370 members from across the food value chain located in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Gympie, Moreton Bay and beyond.

“At present we are focussing on regional FANinACTION plans across the four regions,” shared Anna.

“These plans will look at four main points, which are to discover the opportunities, define the priorities, develop the actions, and deliver the plan, to ensure we are working on what matters.

“For this to be effective, we need many locals on board to share their knowledge, so we can all find opportunities to improve the supply chain.”

Collaboration and communication is key, and FAN achieves this through regular workshops, ‘Meet the Makers’ events and a wealth of information on their website.

“We have events happening throughout February and March,” shared Anna. “On the 20th of February there will be a FAN Financial Industry Member Food Safety Masterclass in Yandina.

“Members can join the EP Food Company, who make dressings and sauces, on a tour of their factory and a discussion on food safety.

“On the 23rd our Member Meet Up is happening at Brouhaha in their new Baringa location. FAN members can catch up and hear from FAN’s disability employment specialist, EPIC, sharing how they can help find valuable job-ready employees to your business.

“And of course, our Meet the Makers event in May,” continued Anna, “the last one was at Aussie World, and we could’ve stayed there all day!”

If you are interested in FAN, just head to their website,, and see all the positive and supportive plans and events they have for members.

FAN is backed by a strong community of supporters, sponsors and partners, including regional councils and Regional Development Australia.



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