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Arts Alive

August 4 is a date to mark in your calendar, as a special event is set to take over the town of Maleny.

Arts Alive Maleny is a vibrant event hosted in the main street of Maleny that brings the whole town and the incredible talent of the arts community to life all in one evening. It is a circus of the senses where everyone is invited to come and immerse themselves in the unique world class talent that resides in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

As the sun sets, the main street will close to traffic, and come alive with lanterns, light shows and art projections, live music, street performances, and interactive art exhibitions, installations, dance, puppetry, and theatre, comedy, poetry, and pop up workshops, along with a range of intimate gatherings in local cafes and restaurants, artisan stalls and so much more!

The event is the brainchild of local artist, performer and community advocate of the arts Steve McLiesh, and has been in the dreaming for many years - 2023 is the year it will come to life!

“Arts Alive is an event like no other and the first of its kind on this scale in Maleny,” shares Steve.

“The vision is to have the artists of Maleny and surrounds showcased and celebrated, and to shine a massive spotlight on the talent we have right here in the hinterland.

“The idea of the event itself is to create something that feels like it's alive with activity and learning. A place where you don’t know what's going to happen next. It’s flowing and emotive.”

There is no central focus to Arts Alive, rather an atmosphere of many facets, colours and experiences, with many art forms represented, all happening at the same time.

“Maleny is an arts village and we punch above our weight when it comes to talented artists. An event like this gives the whole Sunshine Coast an opportunity to come and experience this talent in a diverse and immersive way!”

Arts Alive Maleny will be held in Maple Street Maleny August 4. The street will close from 5pm, people are encouraged to purchase tickets online prior to the event, and more information can be found at

All funds raised from ticket sales will go directly back into supporting the arts community and the artists bringing you this spectacular event. (Image- Jody Gilchrist.)

This event is proudly supported by Apex, Maleny Lions Club, Maleny Chamber of Commerce, Cr Winston Jonston and Maleny Rotary


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