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You can ask that

Death literacy group, Tying Up Loose Ends (T.U.L.E.), is presenting You Can Ask That, to promote doing ‘Death Differently’. Each year they have entertained the community with music, poetry, song and collaborations.

This year’s ‘gig’ has the highly acclaimed film Living the Life you Please and a panel of experts who can offer answers to those burning questions many of us have after viewing the film. This film leads a social impact campaign to change the way you think about the last chapter of life. The panel will be made up of those from Hummingbird House, Palliative Care, Spiritual Care, Death Doula, and others involved with End of Life care.

Life throws curve balls when you least expect it, and this film demonstrates this in a big way, with real life stories of families, young and old experiencing these challenges.

Maleny Players member, Ross Hurwood (pictured), has written a short skit highlighting another example of ‘Life’s Challenges’, which, after a cuppa and conversation, will also introduce our new focus for 2024, ‘Exploring Grief in Ageing for Young and Old’. (Visit:


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