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Protect our pollinators

Well-known Montville artist Jim Cox enjoyed a collaboration with good friend, author, and environmentalist Elaine Green in 2002 to produce a great little book, SOS-Save our Species

The book was launched at a highly successful exhibition of the same name, at Mary Cairncross Reserve Gallery July 2022. Jim’s artwork for the show was works on paper, in mixed media, matted and framed in landscape format of 550cm X 440cm. 

Jim is outraged by the increasing downgrading of the status of some of our favourite native animals, especially koalas, now ‘threatened’ in Queensland. He used his Covid isolation to turn rage into work, with 24 animals placed on a war footing with us, such as: ‘A Column of Kanga made cantankerous by Constant Culling’.

His artwork and titles excited Elaine to embark on creating the wonderful words to produce a book that challenged our behaviour towards these animals and showed us what we could do better. It was cautionary, educational yet humorous, and everyone loved it!

Following on from this, Jim and Elaine have collaborated again with POP - Protect our Pollinators. The exhibition of 28 works in mixed media, was again held at Mary Cairncross Reserve Gallery in late November/early December, and the books look amazing!

This work introduces you to the wonderful word of pollinators … about which most of us know little. The text is well researched, interesting, informative, and fun. 

We have astonishingly creative pollinating and propagating systems that have sustained this land for thousands of years. Jim has illustrated colourful butterflies and moths; pretty but maybe pesky insects; beautiful honeyeaters; and some animals that will surprise you! 

The work asks you to learn about our pollinators; how they survive; to understand their inter-dependencies. Explaining our amazing ecosystems may opening a new world for you.

The SOS and POP books will be for sale at the new environmentally-focused store in Montville, Lhami, near the Water Wheel in Main St, Montville. 

SOS books are stocked at Rosetta Books, Maleny; Little Book Nook Palmwoods; and Barung Landcare.

Jim is taking orders for T-shirts printed with any POP or SOS images - your choice of colour and style. For more information, please email:



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