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Pause on quarry plans

Northern Blackall Range and Image Flat hinterland communities have convinced Sunshine Coast Council (SCC) to pause its plans to seek private tenders to operate its Dulong and Image Flat quarries.

A detailed submission outlining community concerns with the proposal, and backed by numerous local and regional community advocacy groups, was presented to SCC in early August. Because of the range and seriousness of issues identified, the submission requested SCC put an indefinite hold on releasing the tenders until all matters raised could be addressed.

Following extensive investigations and professional advice, hinterland residents are of the understanding that SCC-owned quarries at Dulong and Image Flat may be treated differently from private quarries in the region under the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme (SCPC). If founded, the anomalies could offer planning and development, operational and commercial advantages to SCC that local private quarry companies do not share.

President of Hinterland Quarry Action Group, Anne Veivers, says residents are rightly worried that if a private lessee applied to increase production at either Council-owned quarry, the community can’t have fair input into the decision.

SCC advised hinterland residents late last week that it is taking the matters raised very seriously and will temporarily pause the quarry tender process while it considers the content of the community submission.

The community submission has the support of Blackall Range Land Use and Planning Association, Mapleton and District Community Association, Montville Village Association, Hinterland Quarry Action Group, Organisation Sunshine CoastAssociation of Residents and Sunshine Coast Environment Council.

The hinterland community needs to fundraise $15,000 to cover legal and professional costs as it works to address the quarry issues with SCC. To donate, sign up as a member or for more information please follow Hinterland Quarry Action Group on Facebook.



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