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A musical theatre group with a difference

by Judy Bandidt

Little Village Theatre in Palmwoods draws members from a community of senior performers, and under the expert tutelage of Musical Director Marji Murray, new members often find hitherto undiscovered talents.

Little Village Theatre was formed in 2020 as a sub-group of the Palmwoods Singers Theatrical Society, an amateur musical theatre organisation that has presented successful musical shows in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and beyond since 1984.

Marji Murray said: “As the founding director of the Palmwoods Singers Theatrical Society, it has been my privilege to work with people of all ages from many different backgrounds.

“Now in our 39th year of operation, our current sub-group in production is our Little Village Theatre. What greater joy could there be than to sing and dance your way through life?

“Our only age limit is to be young at heart, and the number one requirement to enter the inner sanctum of this wonderful group is to share our love for musical theatre.

“For first-timers, any tentative steps of trepidation onto the stage are soon overcome by the intoxicating buzz from live performance.”

Little Village Theatre members often find the companionship and focus on a common goal keeps them coming back each week for more hard work!

It has been well documented that singing can assist in maintaining cognitive function and emotional stability for seniors, while dance is particularly beneficial for mobility and flexibility. At any age the combination of singing and dancing provides aerobic exercise that improves balance and coordination.

When asked what the most challenging thing is about being in the cast of a musical theatre show, many members will respond: 'Learning all those words!'

With Little Village Theatre members, perhaps it's the light-hearted banter and laughter that feature at every rehearsal that sends everyone home in a positive frame of mind. Or maybe it's the endorphins released through activity, dancing and singing that lift the spirits.

Little Village Theatre members are well into rehearsals for their 2023 show, Serenade of Love, a high tea and floor show to be presented at several matinee performances during August. Ballroom dancers will also feature during the show.

Little Village Theatre rehearses each Monday from 10am – 12pm at the Palmwoods Girl Guides Hut, on the corner of Lingara Avenue and Palmwoods/Montville Rd, Palmwoods. Visitors and new members are always welcomed. Enquiries to Little Village Theatre secretary, Ronda Vijsma on 0411 115 786, or visit their Facebook page.

Palmwoods Singers Theatrical Society's Little Village Theatre acknowledges with gratitude the funding support from Sunshine Coast Council and Palmwoods Community Branch Ltd which enables this organisation to continue to provide musical theatre performances for the local and extended community.


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