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‘Sentience’ - an art exhibition

Christian Dunham and Jodie Allen's collaborative art exhibition, Sentience, featuring large female charcoal portraits, will be showcased from May 17 to June 16 at the Butter Factory Arts Centre, Cooroy.

The theme of Sentience permeates every aspect of the exhibition, from the choice of subjects to the execution of each piece. By focusing on female portraiture, the artists highlight the unique blend of strength and vulnerability that defines the human condition.

These women are not merely passive objects of observation; they are active participants in the ongoing narrative of life, with their own stories, struggles and triumphs to share.

Each portrait is a collaboration of styles by both artists, and has a story to tell, and through these stories, art meets philosophy in a captivating display of creativity and insight.

By presenting these portraits in dialogue with one another, the artists invite viewers to consider the interconnectedness of all sentient beings.

Find the artists on Instagram: @christiandunhamartist and @harvestmoonstudio


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