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Supporting patients to understand skin cancer

Last month the team at SunLife Skin Cancer Care Centre had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Bronnie Hautala. She always brings a smile to work and makes sure everyone joins in.

So we decided to ask her a few questions to find out what puts the spring in her step.

Why did you decide to become a skin cancer doctor, and what do you love about it?

Like many people, I was acutely aware of how much skin cancer there is in Queensland, and the amount of people needing care.

I love sharing my understanding of skin cancer with my patients, empowering them to care for their own skin. I enjoy being available for them for regular skin checks and any time that a worrying spot appears or changes.

Is there a specific area you are passionate about?

Finding skin cancers! My best friend is my dermatoscope, it lets me look into the upper layers of skin to improve diagnosis. I regularly study and attend courses to keep up to date with the latest understanding.

Why did you choose to practice at SunLife?

SunLife offers a wonderful, supportive team so I can focus on providing thorough skin cancer care in fantastic new facilities.

I am also really excited to have access to the very latest skin imaging technology to help in the early detection of melanoma for at-risk patients.

Finally, we had to ask, what do you love about the Sunshine Coast?

The outdoor atmosphere, with lots of safe running and cycling tracks. And yes, I work hard to be sun-safe too!

Dr Bronnie Hautala is an experienced skin cancer doctor and has undertaken multiple postgraduate courses including advanced certification. She now practices at the new SunLife Skin Cancer Care Centre on Wises Road, Buderim/Maroochydore. New patient bookings (and long-term care) available.



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