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by Jamie Milne

Do you experience self-doubt, have low self-esteem, and have a poor self-image (don’t like what you see or feel about yourself)? Do you have low self-confidence, a lack of self-value and self-worth?

What you may not know is, though many of us experience these uncomfortable, limiting, and crippling states / attributes, these experiences are valuable feedback mechanisms that can guide us back to our true selves and to increased levels of self-belief, self-esteem, a positive self-image and self-confidence.

In other words, these experiences eventually help guide you to truly know your value and worth!

If you would love to grow your self-belief and dissolve these limitations of self, then the #1 WISEST ACTION you can take is to come along to our Self Belief Seminar May 18 at JMT Noosa, 2/59 Gateway Drive, Noosa.

Be ready to go inwards, do the work that will clear your blockages, clarify your vision and balance your mind, and come away with a three-step action plan and the foundation to empower your life. 

Saturday May 18, 8am – 10am, in person tickets $59, per person online $100.

Email or text +61431339975 for ticket details.

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