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This month for our Q&A profile we chat with Carly O’Donoghue from Stepping Out Podiatry in Landsborough. Stepping Out Podiatry’s mission is to ‘help people live their lives without foot pain’, and they achieve this with an exceptional team that love what they do. The Landsborough clinic also offers everything from heel or knee pain to ingrown nails and Shockwave Therapy.

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the northside of Brisbane.

2. What made you choose to base your business in the Sunshine Coast?

I moved up to the Sunshine Coast after graduating from university in 2001. The lifestyle really draws you in, especially having the option to walk on the beach after finishing work to clear your head.

3. What does a 'typical' day entail for you?

My days now vary. Typically, it is always getting up early to answer emails, then it could range from doing school pick/up and drop off, treating patients, residing in the office at home to work on the business, a Pilates session, a training hike, or having meetings/networking. I love the variety of my days and the flexibility work allows me to have.

4. What is the most useful advice you could give someone regarding caring for their feet?

Footwear matters. People want to protect their feet from pain and discomfort, however they are not willing to buy shoes that are made well and have the correct fit for their foot shape. Incorrect footwear can lead to many foot problems, so instead of buying multiple pairs of cheap shoes, buy one pair of well-made shoes, and keep your feet working for you for years to come.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really like going hiking. I love being in nature as it brings you back to seeing that there are bigger things in this world than your own problems.

6. What do you enjoy the most about the Sunshine Coast Hinterland?

Definitely the community, as we have people who are willing to support local businesses and that means so much.

7. Do you have a favourite quote which inspires you?

I am a big quote person, so I love this question! Here are two of my favourites:

For something to change, something needs to change.

Don’t keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

Stepping Out Podiatry, 3/11 Maleny St, Landsborough, 4560 / Phone: 1300 881082 / Website:



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