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Heart-Baked Music

As the name suggests, Heart-Baked Music is about music created by artists from a heartfelt place, and about sharing warm and inspiring music at small halls and venues where artists can connect and form a relationship with the audience. It’s also about fairly paying artists with profits from an event going back to the community.

With this ethos Heart-Baked Music has connected with the Blackall Range Lions to create an afternoon of exceptionally warm and inspiring music played by extremely talented musicians in the intimate and beautiful setting of the historic Mapleton Hall.

All the profits from this event will go to earthquake-torn Turkey via the Lions International network, so that maximum value of your dollar will be seen on the ground.

The musicians for the upcoming Mapleton Hall event are Kelly Cork, Shaky Razor and Steve Sparrow.

As a songwriter, Kelly Cork has written an extensive and impressive catalogue of songs. A local national treasure who has woven a tapestry of royal song writing throughout Australia's country music scene, recording and sharing the stage with the likes of Sara Storer, Kevin Bennett, Catherine Britt, Lyn Bowtell, Brad Butcher and Felicity Urquhart.

From the world of alternative country, blues and balladry come Shaky Razor, alias Tom ‘Shaky’ Ryan and John ‘Razor’ Roza. Together, this masterful duo complement each other’s storytelling skills, with Razor’s deep bluesy vibes contrasting with Shaky’s soaring notes and delicate tones.

Born totally blind, Steve Sparrow has overcome adversity to create his own original brand of music. Along with his entertainment career, he is a radio producer at 4RPH, a record producer, and records music for many artists at Sparrow Sound Studio.

Steve’s song, Social Network Freak from the album, Paint Your Cactus Green, made number one on the Australian Country Tracks Top 40 Chart and three more top ten singles followed.

The Mapleton Hall is located at 31 Obi Obi Hall Mapleton and the event is on Sunday March 26 from 2pm to 6pm. Tickets along with an optional grazing plate meal can be purchased at the web address


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