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Hayden makes it better

Hinterland local, Hayden Hack, has a new album, Better, which takes his music to new heights.

With a distinctive blend of African influences and the soulful resonance of 70's singer-songwriters, Hack's latest creation promises to be a sonic journey like no other. Fans of the South-African born, award-winning musician will not be disappointed by the latest offering!

“This album, my third, is an absolute labour of love,” Hayden shared. 

“It is inspired by love - the love I have for my wife, for my African heritage, for my life here in this beautiful country.

“It is inspired by my daughters and watching them grow into wise and kind young women.

“It is inspired by nature, both here in the hinterland and back in Cape Town, where I grew up.

“My aim was for the album to weave a musical narrative that transcends borders and cultures.”

While the African influences provide a unique foundation for Better, the album's soulful core pays homage to the introspective and emotive singer- songwriters of the ‘70s. 

“I hope my music expresses the raw, heartfelt storytelling that defined an era, and that my lyrics are authentic, nostalgic and refreshing,” Hayden said with a smile.. 

“I’d like my songs to move people, and to connect them with me.” 

Hayden said how much he enjoys living in the hinterland and the musical community he has found here.

“When I first came to Australia in 2005 I lived in Melbourne and I loved it, but this hinterland living inspires me much more. The community here is magical - the open heartedness of people, the deep conversations, the REAL connection is incredibly special.”

It's worth noting that Hack recorded, mixed, and mastered most of the album himself. His commitment to his craft is evident in every note, and Better is perfect for those seeking new releases with a touch of vintage soul.

You can find the album on

Hayden is looking to tour this album later in the year, so keep an eye on his website,, for more updates.



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