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BioBlitz 2023

The team at Barung Landcare are delighted to announce their participation in the Sunshine Coast BioBlitz for 2023!

The Sunshine Coast BioBlitz is a collaboration between ECOllaboration, Barung Landcare, Noosa and District Landcare and Mooloolah River Landcare.

Each weekend in October, one organisation will host a program of events on the Sunshine Coast, giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in ecology with a range of biological surveys and activities alongside scientists, local experts and industry professionals.

Tickets are now available! Visit:, to book tickets to Barung's weekend of activities.

What exactly is the Sunshine Coast BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is a citizen science-led intensive biological survey, centred around encapsulating the biodiversity of an area. From beginner to expert, there will be something for everyone!

Learn how to identify flora, fauna, fungi and more through various workshops. Watch demonstrations on thermal drone imaging, detection dogs and motion cameras. Then, put your newfound knowledge to work through field surveys alongside your peers and experts.

The aim of the event is to connect citizen science with industry professionals, whilst collecting data to greater understand the biodiversity of our biosphere and greater inform future conservation action. New species and range extensions have been also been recorded through these BioBlitz surveys.


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