Local in-home aged care provider, RangeCare, has introduced a new Virtual Reality Program that allows their clients to experience adventures in life they never thought were possible. 

With the use of a Virtual Reality headset, RangeCare’s trained facilitators can virtually guide clients through a wide range of activities.

“Participants of the program have experienced such things as exploring international museums, attending live concerts, deep diving in the ocean, and visiting the cities and hometowns they grew up in or used to travel to,” said Business Development Manager, Jess Garey. 

“Many of our clients are geographically isolated and the likelihood of them travelling abroad is low. Our Virtual Reality Program is a chance for our clients to travel remotely and experience new scenery,” continued Jess. 

For some, participating in the program has triggered recollections of many happy memories. Ninety-year-old RangeCare client, Ludmilla, has been using the Virtual Reality Program to visit her hometown in Serbia. 

“When I saw the house that I lived in Serbia, for two weeks I felt I was back there and it felt good,” Ludmilla said. Ludmilla was even able to visit the exact bridge where her sister went into labour over 60 years ago. 

Many of the participants have shared how amazing it is to be able to experience events from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Another client, Steen, has been using the program to attend virtual concerts including a full-piece orchestra concert inside an 18th-century church in Europe. 

“The technology behind it all, you cannot comprehend it. Most people would find it fascinating,” said Steen. Steen has also used the Virtual Reality Program to experience an underwater diving tour as well as snow sledding in Alaska.

The Virtual Reality Program is currently only available to RangeCare clients. There is no cost to participate in this service. If you would like to learn more about this program or any other services that RangeCare offers to the community, please call 07 5445 7044 or visit rangecare.com.au/virtual-reality

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