HeartMind Astrology is run by Ruth Donnelly in Maleny, and we invited Ruth to share her story and business with HOLISTIC in the HT.

“I migrated to Australia from England in 1993, and was attracted to the hinterland by the community approach to living and the natural beauty of the area,” shares Ruth.

In England, Ruth had worked as an accountant and so when she moved to Maleny she initially worked as a co-manager /accountant at Maleny Credit Union. 

“However, once here, I realised that my interest lay in supporting individuals on their personal journeys, that they might be happier themselves and better able to contribute to a positive society,” Ruth smiles.

“I trained as a holistic counsellor and since 2004 I’ve been working with individuals and  groups. My focus has been trauma recovery and spiritual growth.” 

Ruth calls her approach ‘HeartMind Connections’, to represent “helping people to reconnect to their essential, unbroken self that dwells in the mind of the heart – from this space people can better connect with others.”  

For Ruth, astrology and mindfulness have always been part of this work. “Astrology helps bring insight into people’s lives, into the challenges they face and into their potential within this lifetime. 

“Mindfulness helps us to be with what is, not needing to avoid our challenges and potential, and enabling us to drop into a deeper space of being.” 

Ruth’s focus is now with HeartMind Astrology, offering astrological consultations that support insightful change and spiritual growth in people’s lives. This includes exploring with the client what their birth chart suggests about their life, and what the current influences are, according to the astrology of now. 

“The client can have specific concerns they want to address or more generally to move forwards in their life,” explains Ruth. 

“I also offer Acutonics treatments, which integrate sound healing with astrology, to bring vibrational change through applying tuning forks to the body in a similar way that acupuncture is used.”

Ruth says that being present in the here and now with clients is a magical experience. 

“It’s a sense of being alive and connected to the universal flow of energy. So many stories and experiences have passed through my life, through my work and I consider this a great privilege. 

“The innate wisdom that people have when they are allowed to open to it is inspiring.” 

A foundation for Ruth’s work with others is her own wellbeing. “I appreciate quiet time, with my partner, in nature in the hills or down the beach. I sustain my inner life through my practice of Tibetan Buddhism.”

Ruths leaves us with a beautiful quote, from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, which encourages awareness and gratitude: 

Breathing in, I calm my body. 

Breathing out, I smile. 

Dwelling in the present moment, 

I know this is a wonderful moment

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