There are two exhibitions coming to the Butter Factory gallery in Cooroy. The Outsiders Art Circle’s latest exhibition, Mountain Stories offers the viewer a range of rich and diverse interpretations around a mountain theme. 

The group felt drawn to this subject after observing the distinctive and enigmatic presence of the ancient mountains of the Sunshine Coast. The mountains appear as constant companions as we go about our lives, grounding us with a strong sense of place.

Each artist explores their link with the environment, creating different visual impressions and emotional responses, inviting the audience to pause and reflect, start conversations and bring together a sense of identity. The opening event is on Friday July 22, 4-6pm.

The second exhibition is Abstraction: A Textile Exhibition, which comprises a series of large scale bold and colourful machined, abstract textile works which appear domestically comfortable but are nevertheless complex and challenging. Each of the four artists featured in this exhibition have studied under seminal US textile artist Nancy Crow.​

Opening event Saturday July 23, 4-6pm. 

Both exhibitions run from July 21 to August 28, Tuesday-Sunday, 10am – 3pm at The Butter Factory, 11A Maple Street Cooroy. Phone: 5442 6665 Website:

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