Wolfgang Engel and Tina Cooper have never looked back since moving to Montville, an Artisan Village in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Wolfgang is running ‘The Red Door’ Glass Studio/Gallery alongside the Tina Cooper Art Glass Gallery.

A Bug’s Life – is the upcoming exhibition by Wolfgang, inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature. Wolfgang creates his art glass and sculpture very close to the “real thing” but with a little twist of his own imagination, demonstrating his talents blowing glass on the Hot Flame

The inspiration for the exhibition was the story of a little caterpillar, Wolfgang and Tina called her “Jenny Lala”.  Tina created the story after seeing a praying mantis in glass, a new piece Wolfgang had created.

Tina asked Wolfgang to make her a cute caterpillar that sat on a branch looking at the praying mantis “imagine the caterpillar is talking her way out of being eaten” (pictured). Tina thought this cute insect could be named after one of their collectors, so Jenny LaLa got her name.  

That’s how the story started, with this cute bug going through life meeting insects and making a difference along the way. Jenny Lala can talk her way out of any situation, using wit and diplomacy to stay alive.

A Bug’s Life exhibition is a continuation of the most recent and very successful exhibition ” The Honey Ant Collection and includes the talents of Glass Bead Jeweller, Carmel White, and Iron Worker, Jules McCrae.

The opening night is July 30, by invitation only, the exhibition can be enjoyed by appointment only until December 23, 2022. Visit: tinacooper.com or phone 0417 194 329.

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