Josephine Sexton is a dedicated and experienced chiropractor. Her business, Hinterland Chiropractic, takes a heart-centred approach to chiropractic care for people in the community. 

“It began sometime in 2010,” explains Jo. “At that time, I was everything; the director, chiropractor, bookkeeper and cleaner. We now have a team of chiropractors and assistants that love looking after the people who reach out to us.” 

Jo was born and raised in Melbourne, and graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Bachelor of Clinical Science (Chiropractic).

“I tended bars and worked reception as I studied in Melbourne. When I graduated, I spent time working as a chiropractor in Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast. 

“I have done extra study into cranial techniques and chiropractic care of children, with a special interest in supporting breastfeeding. While the pandemic made things a little difficult, I still regularly teach chiropractors around Australia and Overseas.”

Jo met her husband on a day trip to the hinterland. “It was a wine tour, but I met him on the first stop so I was still clear headed,” Jo laughs. “Long story short, we fell in love, had babies, got married and moved to Maleny.

“I loved being a chiropractor; I also loved being a mum, and I needed to find a way I could be both. Opening a business in Maleny was a way to keep my hand in my profession and still have time to be with my kids as they grew. 

“My business started out as a way to maintain my professional accreditation, but because of that, I was able to grow it slowly and with integrity. Its main focus has always been about helping the people who see us to be their best, so that makes it a really enjoyable and rewarding place to work.” 

Jo loves that we have such a varied community in the hinterland.  “I have helped all sorts of people, from dairy farmers to crystal healers, babies who are hours old to elderly who are soon to get a letter from the Queen. 

“When you work in a small community, I think it is easier to see the ripple effects of better health, be that in the local soccer team, the house painter or the new mother.”

Because Jo and her team tailor their approach to the individual, they see all sorts of exciting changes. “I have heaps of stories about unusual changes (kids’ hearing improving, helping to control seizures, helping people get pregnant,) but the real fun of practice comes from connecting with people and laughing with them as they improve.

“Our days either start early or end late as we like to be available for people to get help outside of normal office hours. Our typical day varies a lot; when you work with families, especially young kids, it’s important to expect the unexpected. We need to be able to think quickly and have a good sense of humour.”

When Jo is not busy working she decompresses by hanging out with family and friends, cooking and sharing good food, wine and laughs. 

“My life is pretty full – I manage to squeeze a lot in. When you own your own small business, there are plenty of things to manage. 

“I have a saying I made up – never juggle eggs. Many times, people have commented on my “juggling skills.” I think the key to juggling well doesn’t lie in the number of things you juggle, rather how bouncy they are.  

“If you juggle long enough, you are always going to drop something. Having a supportive team around me means I can confidently do more of the stuff I love without worrying too much about scrambled eggs.”


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